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Mongrel #8 by Bernard Caleo

In this issue, a Melbourne family (‘The Creatives’) arrive in Woollongong to stay with the father’s brother.

Links & further reading...

Bernard’s website is and his regular drawing blog is

The Ern Malley Affair, Michael Heywood (1993, University of Queensland Press) is a great investigation of this great Australian literary hoax from the 1940s. The book is out of print, but an excerpt is here:

The other big influence on Mongrel is the band The Bedridden. The Bedridden made mad music that plots a line to the heart of Australia.

The Salty River

Jan Bauer's debut graphic novel, a tender and unexpected love story set in a spectacular environment.

Graphic Novels! Melbourne!

A feature documentary movie examining the extraordinary graphic novel culture of Melbourne.

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