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Be A Cartoonis(t), by David Blumenstein

A story from 2007. David writes a letter to cartoonist Gerard Ashworth. It turns into a helpful guide for all young cartoonists, especially you.

David is still a freelance cartoonist. Recently, for Crikey and Australian MAD. He also writes school reports full of cartoons in the persona of his younger brother, Tristian.

Currently he’s writing a story about the time he hung out on a pier with pick-up artists and protesters thanks to Julien Blanc. There’s a preview of it in this ebook.

Links & further reading...

“Showman?”: The Bret Braddock Adventures

Thrill to the surprisingly fictional tale of Bret Braddock, delusional media mogul.

Scare Campaign

A compact collection of the best “angry comics” produced by David in the last few years.

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