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Mr Unpronouncable and the Infinity of Nightmares By Tim Molloy

These two short stories form some of the meat and gristle in the upcoming Mr Unpronounceable And The Infinity Of Nightmares.

Molloy is incredibly fucking weird, and not always in a funny-ha-ha way (though there's plenty of that)
Cory Doctorow, Boing Boing

This will be the third volume in the ever expanding and convoluted series; in which we follow a demented, homeless Necromancer as he stumbles from one horrific nightmare to the next through the labyrinthine streets of The City Of The Ever Open Eye.

Tim Molloy is currently writing weird comics whilst sitting on a rock orbiting the sun at 108,000 kilometres an hour. He currently thinks (despite all odds) that maybe the Universe could be inherently meaningless.
He finds solace in his Wife and Son, and his lovely friends. He feels sorry for all the other lifeforms that he shares his hurtling journey into the void with.

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