Caravan of Comics

An epic tour of the finest Australian cartoonists money can buy


This May, a metaphorical Winnebago containing 7 Australian comics creators will embark upon a 3 week North American tour. The Caravan will be visit numerous festivals and comics retailers throughout the USA and Canada, showcasing some of the best comics made in this country. It will be a professional development opportunity for them, allowing them to network with their overseas peers and to engage in some shameless huckstering.

The Caravaneers are: Scarlette Baccini, Mirranda Burton, Marijka Gooding, Patrick Alexander, Gregory Mackay, Dan Hayward and Bruce Mutard.

In addition, the Caravan will be screening a feature length documentary - Graphic Novels! Melbourne! (Aisle 5 films) - which illuminates how Melbourne’s strange water produces so many good comics. The director/producer/DP of the film, Dan Hayward, will be accompanying the tour to present his film at a number of screenings.

Get on Board.